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Tony EL-Wonder- M’afe Nie- Mp3

Name is Tony El-Wonder is a Ghana-born and bred, Gospel Musician still pushing his musical and showbiz carrier.
In Tony’s own voice “How my music career began is quite an interesting story because surprisingly I started singing at a very tender age say around 6 or 7yrs. As a young boy I was invited to sing in churches and programs, well one thing I must say is that all my life I don’t think a day has passed that I never sang a song, so have been singing all my life. ”

However, the latter part of 2014, He was in prayer and God spoke to him saying…”SON, I WANT YOU TO TAKE YOUR SINGING MINISTRY TO THE PEOPLE“. He took it in and since then has been on the Move. I present to you His new song that will stir you up in faith to possess your possessions this year. It’s actually a revamp. Enjoy and be blessed.
Tony El-WonderM’afe Nie(this is my year).

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