Social media has been flooded with arguments about the rap feud between AMG’s rapper Medikal and ex-Sarkcess record label rapper Strongman.
Medikal released ‘To Whom It May Concern’ on June 21, 2019, a rap song many easily deciphered as a Strongman diss 

Medikal’s song went on to address many instances in Strongman’s career including his exit from Sarkcess Music Label and mocking him by disclosing how his girlfriend (Nana Ama) had been fingered (finger insertion into her private part)

Don’t Try’ song, which was released on Saturday, June 22, 2019 by Strongman, didn’t require any music god to point fingers at Medikal as the lyrics gave him up.

The ex-Sarkcess rapper called himself a senior in the rap industry. He again claimed Medikal wouldn’t have hit songs if not for controversies he created to stay relevant in the industry.

Social media fans have not slept on the issues and have since debated over who the rap god is.

Some celebrities have also subtly joined the wave to announce who they think won the battle.

Strongman showed a level of maturity, He didn’t focus his energy on dissing Medika’s girlfriend (Fela). He didn’t insult Mdk’s mum. he was all about punchlines and rhyming pattern. at some point,
He said, if you compare Nana Ama (Strongman’s girlfriend) to others, then she is still a Virgin.

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