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The Keta Fort (Fort Prinzenstein) Abandoned

This Fort was among the four major Danish structures in Ghana, built in the commercial capital of the 36 Anlo towns, Keta in 1784 AD.

When the Portuguese, the first among the Europeans to reach the shores of modern Ghana in their sea route Search to India in 1471 AD, we were already settled as people of Anlo and it was from us that they got water and food supplies before advancing to the other Ewe Brothers of Benin in 1475 AD.

The Dutch West India Company had built Fort Singelenburgh at the site of the current fort in 1734, but the Dutch abandoned the fort in 1737, probably because of the Dutch siding with the defeated Akwamu in the Akyem-Akwamu conflict.

The Danish had developed a presence in Keta, the commercial capital of the Anlo people. However, in 1783 when the Anlo people pillaged the local Danish agent, the Governor of Christiansborg raised an army drawn from people with a tradition of antipathy towards the Anlo: the Ada, Akwapim, Ga and Krobo. The Danes were thus able to defeat the Anlo and impose a treaty in 1784 which allowed them to build Fort Prinzenstein and obliged the Anlo to trade only with them.

Up until 1803 the fort was used as a dungeon for slaves awaiting transportation to the Caribbean. In 1850 the fort, along with the rest of the Danish Gold Coast was sold to Britain.

The fort was used as a prison for a period before it was partially destroyed by the sea in 1980.

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