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Dear uneducated African culture promoter and morality police: Anklet or Ankle chain is deeply rooted in African culture before becoming a fashion piece in modern times. It doesn’t portray indecency sometimes a simple research would help you. Ankle chain wearing is dated far back to ancient Egypt it was worn …

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Elorm Beenie nominated for West African Citizens Awards 2019 as “Most Promising Blogger”

Renowned Ghanaian Blogger cum Senior Publicist, Elorm Beenie, has been nominated for the 3rd edition of West African Citizens Awards. Elorm Beenie got nominated for “Most Promising Blogger” category of the awards this year (2019). Vote for “Elorm Beenie” here; VOTE https://www.wafricaward.com/p/most-promising-blogger-of-year.html?m=1 For 2 years straight, he has won 3 …

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HealthEducation; LETS KILL *Cockroaches*

Cockroaches Can survive a week without its head.Can survive 2weeks without water.Can survive one month without foodDefecates on human food.Can trigger a severe asthma attack.Spreads bacteria that can cause food poisoning and typhoid. A cockroach can kill you.If you don’t kill it first. These things are capable of the worst …

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Sex is not all about making children. You must be a different woman to your husband every time. Seduce your husband, don’t always allow your husband to ask for Sex, there must be no timetable for sex. Be creative, don’t be predictable. Give him what he wants. If you lose …

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